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Can I open Two Demat account ? Multiple Trading accounts with different brokers ?

How many demat account one can have? Can we open 2 Demat accounts with different brokers in India? For example- Zerodha, Upstox, Angel One, etc.  

Yes, you may open multiple Demat accounts if brokers are different. You can even open more than 2 demat accounts in India. There is no limit on opening multiple Demat accounts in India.

You cannot open two Demat accounts with the same broker. Because the identity will remain the same, no broker will approve it.

For instance, if you already have a Demat account and wish to open another with the same broker, you won't be allowed to do so.

Below are advantages of opening multiple (Two) Demat accounts-

1. If you are opening Demant account with two different brokers then you get the advantage of using two platforms for your technical graphs and understanding of the share market.

2. There are some brokers which offer services with the lowest brokerage charges but they do not offer a good platform for chart analysis. By opening multiple demat accounts, you can use one broker for lowest brokerage charges and another for making your stock price forecasting more accurate.

3. There are some brokers which offer free trading calls or premium services through which you can get better idea of the market and its direction.  If you are able to get in free then it is definitely e a good choice for you to open another account with new broker. Hence, two broker demat account is useful for you.

Below are Disadvantages of opening multiple (Two) Demat accounts-

 1. If you open more than one Demat account and is not really using both the accounts over a period of time, then you will end up paying annual charges every year as extra charges. It will be an additional loss for you.

2. Sometimes we are not using any of broker and stop trading. Also, we forgot to close our trading account. In such cases, our trading account balance becomes negative over a period of time. 
If the balance becomes negative, then the broker will keep on charging us an extra interest amount which is not good deal.

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