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Can we Buy Shares Using Credit Card in India ?

Can we use credit card to buy shares in India? Can I buy shares with my credit card? Where can I buy stocks without Zerodha, Upstox, 5Paisa, Angel one brokers in share marketThese are popular queries asked by share market traders in India.


In India, there is common question if shares can be bought using credit card. But we can not buy shares using credit card in India. We need to have demat account to buy shares. Without demat account, shares can not be bought in Indian shock market.

You can use credit card to invest some money in demat account through bank account. But buying shares without demat account is not possible at all. In general rule, you should never buy shares using credit card. For short term, credit card may be used to get some fund into account but you should not do it. It is kind of taking loan for trading and if you lose money in stock market (which beginners generally do), then it may become huge stress for you. Interest rate in credit card is generally very high and late payment will put you in debt only. Hence, it should be avoided to take money from credit card for trading purpose.

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