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Sensibull Review 2023 - Is Sensibull App Good & Useful ?

Sensibull Review - Sensibull is an options trading platform that provides traders with a range of tools and features to help them optimize their options trading strategies. 

Sensibull is a comprehensive options trading platform that offers traders a variety of tools and features to assist them in optimising their options trading strategy. The platform's easy-to-use interface, extensive analytics, and risk management capabilities make it an excellent alternative for traders trying to enhance their options trading success.

Below are key Features and benefits:

User-Friendly Interface: 

Sensibull's UI is user-friendly and simple to use, making it a perfect platform for both novice and expert traders. To assist traders in making educated decisions about their options transactions, the platform includes a variety of tools and resources, such as options chain analysis, implied volatility charts, and real-time options pricing.

Comprehensive Analytics: 

Sensibull gives traders with detailed statistics on their option holdings, including delta, gamma, and theta. This enables traders to assess the performance of their portfolios and discover possible areas of risk or opportunity. The platform also offers options Greeks like as delta, gamma, and theta to assist traders better understand their options positions and how they are influenced by changes in the underlying asset's price, volatility, and time decay.

Trade Optimization: 

Sensibull's trade optimization tool enables traders to test and refine their options trading strategies depending on their risk tolerance and trading goals. The programme analyses prospective trading circumstances and makes suggestions on the best trades to execute using complex algorithms. This can assist traders in identifying and capitalising on market opportunities while reducing risk exposure.

Risk Management: 

Sensibull provides a variety of risk management tools to assist traders in managing risk exposure and minimising possible losses. When risk thresholds are surpassed, the platform delivers real-time warnings and notifications, allowing traders to take action to reduce their risk exposure. The platform also offers a variety of options trading methods, such as straddles, strangles, and iron condors, to assist traders control risk and safeguard their portfolios.


Sensibull provides a limited options backtesting tool, allowing traders to test their options trading methods against historical data. While the tool is not as sophisticated as some other options trading platforms, it may still be valuable for traders wanting to fine-tune their tactics and improve their success.

Options Chain Analysis: 

Traders may use Sensibull's options chain analysis tool to examine options chains for a certain stock or underlying asset. This might be a useful tool for traders looking for prospective options trades and chances.

Educational Resources: 

Sensibull offers a variety of instructional services to traders, including webinars, tutorials, and articles, to assist them enhance their options trading abilities and expertise. This is especially useful for new traders who are just getting started in the options market.

Below are key limitations:

1. Backtesting Capabilities: Sensibull's backtesting capability is fairly restricted in comparison to other options trading platforms. Users may only backtest up to three months of historical data, which may not be enough for traders trying to test longer-term strategies.

2. Sensibull includes some basic charting capabilities, but it is largely focused on options trading and does not give the same amount of technical analysis tools as some other trading platforms. This may restrict its effectiveness for traders whose trading techniques mainly rely on technical analysis.

3. Sensibull is a subscription-based platform, which implies that traders must pay a monthly or yearly price to have access to its features and capabilities. While the platform provides a variety of reasonable membership plans, this may be an option for traders trying to reduce their trading costs.

4. Limited Customization: Sensibull's tools and features are pre-set, which may not be suited for traders who desire greater freedom and customisation in their trading methods.

5. Sensibull's customer service might be sluggish to react to inquiries, which can be irritating for traders who seek immediate assistance.

Best App for Option Chain Analysis:

The ability to see all of the available options contracts for a specific underlying asset, including their strike prices, expiry dates, and premiums, is made possible by option chain analysis, which is a crucial tool for options traders. The following are some of the main arguments in favour of option chain analysis:

1. Identifying potential trading opportunities: 
Option chain analysis, which provides details on the available options contracts for a specific underlying asset, can assist traders in locating prospective trading opportunities. This data may be used by traders to compare several methods and choose the one that best suits their view on the market and level of risk tolerance.

2. Evaluating risk and reward: 
Traders can assess the risk and benefit of various options contracts using option chain analysis. Traders can evaluate the possible profit or loss of several methods and select the one that gives the best risk-to-reward ratio by looking at the premiums and strike prices of various options.

3. Understanding market sentiment: 
By displaying the distribution of open interest across several strike prices and expiry dates, option chain analysis can give useful insight into market sentiment. With this information, traders may assess the market's level of bullish or negative emotion and modify their strategy as necessary.

4. Managing positions: 
Option chain analysis, which offers real-time data on the price and liquidity of several options contracts, can aid traders in managing their holdings. Traders can use this information to modify their holdings when market circumstances change and to stay out of contracts that are too risky or illiquid.

Overall, option chain analysis is a crucial tool for options traders as it offers essential information about the contracts that are available, the mood of the market, and risk-reward ratios. Effective option chain analysis allows traders to make well-informed decisions, maximise earnings, and reduce risks.

Benefits of Making options Strategy on Sensibull

1. Aids in risk management: Trading options may be dangerous, but having a sound trading plan in place can assist to reduce that risk. Trading professionals may reduce losses and safeguard their wealth by establishing precise entry and exit locations.

2. Offers consistency: A trading strategy may provide consistency in decision-making, enabling traders to make well-informed choices based on preset criteria as opposed to feelings or impulses. Over time, improved trading outcomes may result from this consistency.

3. Assists in maximising earnings: By spotting lucrative trading opportunities, maximising returns, and lowering risks, an efficient trading strategy can assist traders in maximising their profits.

4. Supports market analysis: A trading strategy may also assist traders in doing a more thorough research of the market, enabling them to see patterns, crucial levels of support and resistance, and other significant elements that may influence trading choices.

5. Enables ongoing strategy improvement: By monitoring the outcomes of their transactions, traders may gradually improve and tweak their trading tactics, resulting in more success and profitability.

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